Monday, June 11, 2007

"Our customer service providers recognize the additional stress and tension of traveling today,"

USA Today reports that flight attendants are feeling the wrath of flyers. Flying today is a very unpleasant experience and apparently some are fighting back...literally.

Say goodbye to the New Frontier

It looks like another notch in the casino death watch bed post. The closing and demolition of the New Frontier is imminent. Another bit of Las Vegas history passes away. According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, "the New Frontier launched the Las Vegas career of Elvis Presley, who played his first-ever show at the casino on April 23, 1956. The Frontier was the site of the final performance of Diana Ross and The Supremes on Jan. 14, 1970."

Although we never stayed at the New Frontier, we had an occasion to gamble there a few times and found it to be ratty and rather unpleasant all around. We are not shedding alot of tears for the New Frontier. R.I.P.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Feds to suspend new border rules to ease passport crunch

Apparently the massive backlog in passport applications is the reason the State Department and other agencies have agreed to lift the passport requirements for United States citizens to travel to Canada and Mexico. "The whole system is ready to collapse" according to the above linked article from the Seattle Post Intelligencer.