Wednesday, October 08, 2008

With oil prices down, why aren't airfares?

From CNN a not so convincing argument why air prices continue to be sky high.

$13.52 a night rooms at Binion's Gambling Hall

Deals like this just don't get any better. Here is the result of an actual search for room rates at Binion's Gambling Hall and Hotel from our Las Vegas Connection website. Dates were picked at random. Just clicked on the hotel link from the site, chose Binion's, and look what we found. $13.52 a night room rates. Who cares if it is not on the strip. The upside of the downturn in Las Vegas: Great room rates.

Of course all rates are subject to availability, but this is great time to visit Las Vegas at a lengendary downtown casino.

Binion's Gambling Hall and Hotel

128 EAST FREMONT STREET Las Vegas, NV 89101

Fremont Street/Downtown Las Vegas Area

2-5 30 Reviews

Room Rates from $13.52 Nov 16 - Nov 18

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Check-in time: 3:00pm

Check-out time: 12:00pm

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Nightly rates are based upon 2 adults in the room and may not include Taxes & Fees unless otherwise noted.

Room Types Sun
Nov 16
Nov 17
Avg. Nightly Rate*
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$27.04 $3.93 $27.04

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“Well, I’d rather lose my money here than on Wall Street.”

An upbeat article about the down turn in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Bradley Theory. Why the current Las Vegas business model is not working

Declines in Las Vegas casino business is based on its current business model according to Sherman Bradley. Or why should I travel, to Las Vegas, saving me a lot of money, when I can gamble close to home when gambling is no longer the focus of the casino? How to rescue Las Vegas. Return to the business model that earned them billions of dollars.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Let's check in and see how the airlines are doing

UAL, which has led the way in increasing fees and decreasing capacity, continues to sinks. The numbers don't look so good. Is yet another bankruptcy on the horizon?

While Southwest expands slowly and cautiously.

And the global financial crisis is not just affecting American flag carriers.