Saturday, January 31, 2009

Can you really win playing the slot machines?

Yes and no. We ran across this article in the Kansas City Stars gaming blog from author John Grochowski, that points out that winning at slots is nothing more than an accident. "The combinations you hit are a pure accident of timing. If you played a split second faster, or slower, you'd see different combinations on the reels -- not necessarily winning combinations, but different ones." It doesn't matter if when, if or how you play. It is pure luck. No skill. No system. Just a chance that you found the machine that when you play hits upon the right winning combination. In our gambling guide, free to all Planet Travel clients that book a Las Vegas vacation, we talk about the importance of not being a zombie. Locking up a win on that slot machine and then moving on to the next machine is the winningest strategy for any slot player looking to evening the odds at the casino.

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Europe asks where are the American tourists?

From the Chicago Tribune this article discusses the lack of American tourists and its affect on European retailers. The emphasis on the closing of American Express offices does not reflect reality. It is our understanding that the change (increase) in American Express' discount rate it charges retailers and the subsequent reaction of retailers to not take the card had more to do with the closing of the offices than the lack of tourists. The Paris Opera American Express office has been closed for several years. If you are traveling to Europe don't leave home without your Visa card. It is universally accepted. And the wide spread availability of ATM machines for currency exchanges at decent rates sealed American Express' European fate.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

A few words about craps

Sunday night we played craps for a little more than an hour at the St. Charles Ameristar Casino. It was a busy holiday evening. The table was full of players. Chips flying. The dealers were trying their best to keep track of everything. "Same bet." "Hard four." "Place the six and eight." "Press." Just the atmosphere that makes craps so exciting. Quick seven outs. And even a few monster rolls.

Lately I have been playing craps following author Richard Orlyn's distinctive craps betting and money management advice. As I played Sunday, it became very obvious, very quickly, that my fellow players were losing money. Even smart players (those that avoid the center table bets aka "sucker bets") playing basic pass with odds and come bets with odds were losing money. In some cases hundreds of dollars. Let's not even talk about the guy who was betting big six and eight. One of the absolutely worst bets on the craps table. He was betting it though, and good craps table etiquette says don't say anything to anybody even if they are just pissing their money away.

The table was what I considered to be very choppy. That monster roll win can be easily wiped out by the next two quick seven outs after the point is made. It is tough to win when the point is four and your come bet is on the ten and you've got $20.00 in odds to back up each of your bets even if you are playing basic strategy or Orlyn's for that matter.

The good news was that despite the choppy table, I was consistently winning. Not a lot mind you. But I wasn't losing like everybody else. Lot's of cursing at one point. I think I walked away with $14 to the good for the hour I played. And I owe it to following Orlyn's system, for a lack of a better name because he is very adamant that no craps system will actually work. Dice have no memory. Orlyn gives you a reasonable chance of winning at the table. He focuses on making you bet on the numbers that give the highest probability of winning, six and eight. He throws in a few twists and turns. Even some controversial advice about removing your odds bet after your come point wins.

As I said before I have been playing Orlyn's system the last few times I have played craps. Following his system has allowed me to leave the craps table a winner more times than a loser lately. Sunday night I finally became an Orlyn believer. If you are a craps player, or better yet want to be a craps player, I encourage you to read No-Nonsense Craps: The Consummate Guide to Winning at the Crap Table.

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No-Nonsense Craps: The Consummate Guide to Winning at the Crap Table

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Las Vegas, a Best Bet for Bargain Seekers

What a difference a year makes. From the New York Time's travel section news about the jaw dropping bargains that are the norm in Vegas. Now if we can only do something about the airfare.

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Sunday, January 04, 2009

A Free Cruise

We wanted you to be the first to know that free cruise is on the horizon. Details soon. Courtesy of the Ginger Creek Foundation and Planet Travel. For details about the cruise be sure to check our web site by clicking above.